6 tips for taking incredible photos of your pet

Anyone who knows me wouldn’t be surprised to hear that my camera roll is almost entirely dedicated to my two dogs, Moose and Crouton. Obviously, most of those photos are perfect, thanks to the subjects. But in some cases, they could be improved by some assistance on the other side of the lens (ie, me, the photographer). Luckily for me (and everyone who gets to enjoy my extremely cute models), I have some coworkers who know a thing or two about Pixel’s camera — like Gaj Vamatheva, a Senior Design Lead who works on Pixel phones and Google Photos and is also a dog owner. I recently asked Gaj for some tips on taking pet pics with my Pixel 7 Pro. He was kind enough to share some advice and, even better, some photo examples. Read on to find out how to take the ultimate professional-level photos of your pets.

1. Find the right framing

My Pixel 7 Pro has wide-angle, telephoto and ultrawide lens options, and Gaj suggests experimenting with each of them to find the one that will work best for pet photos. “The wide-angle and ultrawide lenses are great for capturing a group of pets or adding a sense of length to a subject, while the telephoto lens is great for getting close-up shots of your pet’s face, even if you’re across the room,” Gaj explains.