Speed ​​enforcement cameras in Barrie

It’s been over three months since the automated speed enforcement cameras in Barrie were installed, and so far, the city says they’ve seen a significant speed reduction.

“Driver speeds definitely when the cameras were in operation were definitely on average 12 or 13 kilometers an hour slower,” said Michelle Banfield, City of Barrie development services executive director.

Cameras were initially set up in community safety zone locations at Big Bay Point Road and Anne Street.

On Big Bay Point Road, 58,258 violations were recorded on camera, and 4,563 tickets were issued.

On Anne Street, 35,674 violations were recorded on camera, and 4,677 tickets were issued.

The city has not disclosed the speed threshold for receiving a ticket.

“We’ve always said that the actual threshold has never been something that we would publish in terms of, any more than a police officer would tell you how much they would stop someone for. So ultimately, the goal is to have people go as close to the speed limit as possible,” said Banfield.

The speed cameras were moved to Essa Road and Ardagh Road at the end of February.

Not all drivers are happy with the program setup.

“There was absolutely no flashing lights to indicate to me that I was driving down Big Bay during school hours,” says Stayner resident Sarah Bell.

Bell received a ticket in the mail for $205. The ticket says she traveled 62/km an hour at 3:44 pm The school zone hours end at 3:45 pm

“I was within that last one minute or maybe even, who knows, 20 seconds before the cameras would turn off,” says Bell.

Bell says she plans to fight the ticket and feels the signage is confusing.

“When you’re driving down the road, for it to state at the school hours in a way that it does on so many different lines, it’s impossible to actually read,” Bell shares.

The city’s website states that the flashing lights used to warn of a 40-kilometer-an-hour zone must be covered when the cameras are active, so a sign is used to show the different limits at different times.

The speed cameras will stay at their current locations on Essa Road and Ardagh Road until the end of April when the council will decide where to move them next.