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Within just a few months, DEPT® and ABOUT YOU have created the first online retailer for digital fashion. HYPEWEAR pushes the boundaries of typical fashion with three-dimensional fashion items. The platform acts as a digital milestone in this subject, providing the impulse for a lot of more future-forward, virtual initiatives. As a last step, DEPT® created a teaser video for the high-profile launch of HYPEWEAR.

  • With the brand new platform for digital fashion, there are no physical limits to the customers’ own self-expression.
  • The website carries several manufacturers as nicely as ASOS merchandise and has an intensive plus-size collection.
  • Express has been around for the reason that ’80s, nevertheless it really turned in style in the flip century, when it launched menswear.
  • In Europe, it’s anticipated that by 2025, every client will spend $999 on fashion-related objects over the course of a 12 months.

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