Vintage photo of handsome local war veteran going viral

NEWARK, Del. — A photo of a bright-eyed, dimpled soldier with a perfect pearly white smile is breaking hearts all over social media.

The vintage pic of a strapping, handsome service member in 1950 before deploying in Korea has been wildly viral since it was posted on Reddit – with some of his many admirers calling him a babe and a hunk.

More than 3 million people have viewed the handsome headshot so far. So – who is he?

Do some digging and you find out the man’s grandson, Derek Schwendeman posted it.

Derek lives near Newark, Delaware and gave Action News the scoop – showing off his handsome grandpa today.

His name is Thomas and he’s 86 years young.

Thomas lives in Oxford, Chester County and is happily married to his sweetheart, Fleecie.

They think this is a hoot, with grandma laughing that she got him first – 65 years ago!

“She knew, but she didn’t. She met him bowling one night and she decided to snap him up,” said Derek. “She didn’t give him much of a chance!”

And when Flossie asked him if he would have lived his life any differently had he known that he was this attractive to other women, He said, ‘Nah!’

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