Wedding photographer and AI artist imagines Elon Musk as a desi groom. This looks real, says Internet

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has opened up a whole new world for people who have a creative mind. It seems like these AI-based apps have given wings to an artist’s imagination. You just think about something and give the right prompts and in a jiffy, the result is sure to bowl you over. Hence, there is no denying that Artificial Intelligence has taken the internet by storm. A wedding photographer and AI artist imagined Elon Musk as an Indian groom and the result is just fabulous. The internet couldn’t believe their eyes as many said that the pictures looked real. The images that were shared on Instagram were created using Midjourney.

One of the photos shared on Rolling Canvas Presentations’ Instagram handle shows Elon Musk dressed in a sherwani and sitting on a horse’s back. The photos capture the essence of a quintessential Indian wedding. In all the photos, you can see Musk smiling.

“When Elon Musk had an Indian wedding – in my imagination. From the times when we used to paint our imagination on paper to now when we can convey our ideas to computers/AI and it brings them to reality. Fascinated to be alive at these times and be part of a possible transition. Not sure if it’s for good or bad, but it’s happening. The world is changing and it’s changing fast,” the post caption reads.

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The internet was absolutely flabbergasted as the photos looked pretty real. “Good lord really thought this was real. Totally on this post,” a user wrote.

“I can’t still believe this is AI generated!” another user claimed.

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