Fans celebrate Prabhas and Anushka Shetty’s ‘AI’ wedding photos | Telugu Movie News

Prabhas and Anushka Shetty‘s ‘wedding photos’ have become really popular online, but here’s the twist: they haven’t actually gotten married. Prabhas and Anushka have been rumored to be in a relationship for a long time. Even though fans were convinced that the stars of ‘Baahubali’ were a couple, both Prabhas and Anushka have repeatedly said that they are just good friends. Despite their clarifications, fans haven’t stopped wishing for them to be together. So, some fans used artificial intelligence (AI) to create photos of Prabhas and Anushka as a married couple.
In these viral photos, you can see Anushka dressed in a traditional wedding outfit, sitting in a beautifully decorated mandap with Prabhas. Some fans even took it a step further and imagined them with a baby. These photos have really caught the attention of the fandom, and many are hoping that Prabhas and Anushka will actually get married in real life.

Meanwhile, Anushka recently talked about her thoughts on marriage in an interview with She mentioned that she’s open to the idea of ​​marriage but wants it to happen naturally and at the right time. She believes that marriage should occur when it’s meant to and has its own timing.

During the same interview, Anushka was asked about the possibility of reuniting with Prabhas for another project. She explained that the decision wasn’t entirely up to her. She’s aware that fans love their on-screen pairing, and it will depend on finding a great story and vision for a project that both she and Prabhas find appealing.

As for their recent work, Anushka was seen in a movie called ‘Miss Shetty and Mr. Polishetty,’ alongside Naveen Polishetty. The film received positive reviews from both critics and actors in the industry. The movie is now available on OTT.
Prabhas is gearing up for the release of ‘Salaar Part 1: Ceasefire,’ which is set to hit theaters worldwide on December 22.

Anushka Shetty & Prabhas’ pictures as bride and groom take the internet storm; but here is the CATCH…