Rah Digga Celebrates Marrying Fiancé With ‘Ice Cold’ Wedding Photo

Rah Digga is officially a married woman, and she announced the news to the world with an “ice cold” photo from the official ceremony.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday (November 29), the New Jersey native hard-launched her new husband – joking that she didn’t want to post him until they were truly official.

“A wise woman once said, ‘Don’t post that nicca til yall get married!’ Alas, WE HAVE ARRIVED!!!” she wrote in the caption. “#TheWeeks #BlackLove Sidebar: I was tryna wait for the official portraits, but this candid is ICE COLD.”

She continued: “Second sidebar, this was the second of TWO weddings. I’m getting all the photos and video together now starting with my #HipHop50 bridal shower. WAIT FOR IT!”

Last year following her appearance at the Lovers & Friends music festival in Las Vegas on Lauryn Hill’s set, Rah Digga caught up with HipHopDX to discuss their iconic performance of the Fugees track “Cowboys”.

“Lauryn’s people reached out to us about the festival,” she said. “We said, ‘Yeah, let’s go!’ And just like that, our flights were booked, our hotels were booked and we spent the weekend out there. We did both shows. The video I posted was literally us just rehearsing for the first time, just making sure we knew the words. We had to figure out what we were going to do.”

The spirited reunion marked the first time in decades the Fugees, Outsidaz and John Forté had been together in the same room, making it a special occasion for everyone involved.

“I’m with the Outsidaz all the time, but I haven’t seen Lauryn since 2020 when she performed in New Jersey and prior to that, it was years and years and years,” she said. “Clef, the same thing. I’m on his [2003] album Next Generation, and that was the last time I actively worked with them. This is the first time ever in history I felt like we performed it onstage. Maybe over 25 years ago when The Score first came out, but that’s it.

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“But it was dope. It was good seeing Lauryn and chopping it up with her. I think the energy was good to see with L Boogie. We love Ms. Hill. But we love love L. Boogie. It was a nostalgic moment for everybody. We haven’t rocked like this since we were kids. It was a nice back to basics moment, if you will.”

Although Rah Digga has been performing for over 30 years, she admitted she was a little nervous before taking the Lovers & Friends stage with her longtime collaborators.

“I was like, ‘Holy shit, we about to do ‘Cowboys!’” she said. “Summertime is littered with festivals and normal spot dates, so I was trying to treat it like another day at the job so I wasn’t bugging out too much. But I got butterflies. It was a good thing, though. It was inspirational for everyone across the board.